A Complete Thermal Fever Detection Solution

We don't just supply leading camera hardware - we supply a complete packages including hardware, software and intelligent services that provide accurate alerts straight to your mobile.

The FeverDetection.com.au difference

Unlike regular thermal camera solutions that feature a single temperature alert setting, FeverDetection.com.au’s solution tracks repeat visitors individual temperature.

This ability to individualise alerts compensates for the regular body temperature variance between people, resulting in dramatically lower false positives whilst markedly increasing the ability to detect cases of mild fever. Read an article from CNN as to why this is so important.

Perfect for the protection of mission critical workplaces such as aged care, food production, warehouse and logistics.


  • Global over temperature.

  • Individual over temperature (granular).

  • Quarantine breach.

  • Notifications

  • Push app / email.

  • Local alarm. (Door display)

  • Reports

  • Still and video archive.

Intelligent Facial Recognition

Integrated facial recognition module takes a running average of each individual's daily temperature, allowing for person by person temperature tracking.

This makes over-temperature alerting more sensitive for individuals whose body temperature is lower than average and the system less susceptible to false positives from persons whose body temperature averages on the high side of the normal range.

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